Vaping on Your Lungs

What are the Effects of Vaping on Your Lungs?

An e-cigarette or vape pen is a device that heats fluid in a pod into a vapor containing nicotine and other substances to be inhaled. Bargain E-Juice says, The process of inhaling this vapor is called vaping. It is particularly popular among teenagers who believe that it’s not harmful to the lungs. What most people who vape are not fully aware of are the chemicals that are contained in a vape fluid.

Vaping is harmful to your lungs. The research on how vape exactly affects your lungs is still in the initial stages. Scientists and experts have a theory on how vape is affecting your lungs. They are yet to determine both the long-term effects of vape and what substances in vape fluids are to blame.

What Chemicals do you Inhale When you Vape?

Vape fluid is a concoction of many substances that are potentially harmful to the lungs. This mixture contains aromatic additives, flavorings, and THC (the psychoactive substance in marijuana) or nicotine. Vitamin E is also used as a thickener and delivery agent of the e-fluid. While vitamin E is safe when taken orally as a supplement or utilized by the skin, inhaling vitamin E irritates the lungs. Vitamin E has been found in the lungs of patients with severe lung damage related to vape.

Other substances that have been found in vape fluids include:

  • Diacetyl-It is used as a food additive. It is known to block small air passageways in the lungs.
  • Acrolein-This chemical is mostly used as a herbicide. This chemical can damage the lungs.
  • Formaldehyde- This substance can cause lung disease and also contribute to heart disease.

Lung Diseases Associated With Vaping

Various lung diseases are currently known to be caused by vape. Here are some of them;

  1. Lipoid Pneumonia.

Ordinary pneumonia is caused by infections to the lungs. Lipoid pneumonia, however, caused by fatty acids that enter the lungs. The oily substances in an e-fluid inhaled during vape cause an inflammation of the lungs.

Some symptoms of lipoid pneumonia include:

  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing up of blood
  1. Brochiolitis Obliterans(BO)

This rare condition where the small air passageways in the lungs are damaged. BO is caused by diacetyl. Diacetyl is a frequent additive to vape fluids to enhance the flavor. Inhaling diacetyl during vape causes injuries to the bronchioles thus making breathing difficult. The symptoms of BO include:

  • Chest pain
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Difficulties in breathing.

3.Vaping and Lung cancer.

We know that vape fluid contains nicotine and a host of other chemicals that are introduced to the lungs. Vape products have not been around long enough to definitively determine whether or not they cause lung cancer.

Second-hand vapor is harmful contrary to what many people believe. Second-hand vape contains several harmful substances such as diacetyl, benzene, ultrafine particles, and nicotine. Though inhaling second-hand vape may have the same effects on your lungs as the primary inhaler, it is safer for you to avoid it.

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