Technologies Transforming Canadian Healthcare in 2021

The rapid advancement in medical technology is now changing the Canadian healthcare system. What real contenders, on the other hand, are lurking around the corner? CADTH is actively scanning the landscape for the most eligible candidates.

CADTH is an international organization that discovers, evaluates, and summarizes information on medications, medical devices, testing, and procedures. It recently published a list of arising health technology developments that can have a profound impact on the future of medical care in Canada.

The demand for wearable devices designed for use in health care is expanding. One was recently created for people suffering from nightmare disorders or delusions associated with PTSD. It is worn on the user’s wrist like a smartwatch during sleep.

Augmented reality technology is now also exploring different healthcare options for people suffering from a variety of ailments. A revolutionary contact lens that uses virtual reality to help people with poor or impaired vision see better has been made.

Other inventions on the list use artificial intelligence to help medical professionals detect and treat ailments. One product examines MRI scans of the breast for anomalies that may indicate the existence of breast cancer.

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