Seniors as A Part of The Coronavirus Solution

For good purposes, the public has viewed senior Canadians as weak and fragile during the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has disproportionately affected older people, who make up the vast majority of those dealing with serious illness or death.

Fear of COVID-19 contagion tends to affect seniors even more than the majority of Canadians, causing them to implement tighter lockdown procedures for their safety and health. 

What is often overlooked in the aim to keep seniors healthy is that older adults are not only frail and dependent, but they still contribute significantly to our economy and community in general.

Canada’s older folks should be seen not only as victims of COVID-19 but also as a resource to assist society in its recovery. 

As we all know, older Canadians are living longer lives now than ever. Also, the proportion of seniors employed in Canada has more than doubled since 2000.

Volunteering is a passion for older Canadians. They have a wealth of expertise, experience, and capabilities that can support their communities greatly.

All this kind of generosity and work activity helps more than just our culture and economy. After all, staying involved and engaged by paid or voluntary work promotes seniors’ health and well-being.

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