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Application for new membership or renewal 2012
Membership Application
  I hereby apply for membership to the Quebec Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association, with all the privileges attached to such membership. I agree to be governed by their constitutions and bylaws and to observe their Codes of Ethics.
Renewal Application
  If you are renewing your membership, enter only your last and first name, your permit (license) number, your status, your e-mail, your membership category and answer the “Go Green” question.

For any change of address, complete the CHANGE OF ADDRESS form if your contact information has changed since your last renewal.

If this is a new membership, all items marked with (*) must be completed.

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Membership fees

Member category Annual fees Monthly
Regular member $730 $60.84
1st year of practice $515 $42.92
**Part-Time Practice $465 $38.75
Post-graduate member $319 $26.59
Retired member $286 $23.84
Resident $129 $10.75
Student $20 n/a

Your membership is valid for 12 months, beginning the month you became a member.

** Because of: Work/Family Conciliation, partial disability, end of career or personal reasons.
Proof: The physician must write a letter to confirm the number of hours he works, along with his signature.

Method of payment
Pre-authorized payment
  Your account will be debited every month.
Please, fax a sample cheque marked "VOID" to number (514) 866-0670.


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Go Green with the QMA
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  No, I would like to receive it on a paper copy.

To get to know you better, please take a few moments to answer the questions below. Thank you for your cooperation.

1- Please indicate the type of institution where you practise. (Check as many as necessary)
Exclusively in institutions (CSSS, CLSC, CHU, etc.)
Exclusively outside institutions (office, practice, clinic)
In and outside institutions
Public health
Private practice outside the RAMQ
Other, specify :
2- Does your position involve medical administration ? (DSP, clinical director, department head, etc.)
Yes, specify :
3- Would you be interested in taking part in any boards, committees or working groups at the QMA?
If so, please indicate your areas of interest. (Check as many as necessary)
Steering committee (conventions, symposiums, training)
Governance committees (board, audit, etc.)
Political issues (legislation, ministerial policy directions, etc.)
Professional issues (medical organization, professional autonomy, interdisciplinary, information technology, etc.)
Ethical issues (right to die with dignity, assisted reproduction, opioid use, etc.)
Economic issues (financing, mixing medical practice, clinical performance, etc.)

The QMA-CMA members list is confidential. The Association does not share it with any other organization, with the exception of its official partners who offer services to its members. If you do not wish to receive these offers of services, please advise us. As a QMA member, you automatically become a member of the CMA. For physicians who join the QMA/CMA, contact and demographic information provided on this form will be shared with the CMA and used in accordance with CMA's Corporate Privacy Policy. For a copy of CMA's Corporate Privacy Policy, visit www.cma.ca, then go to "Privacy" in the footer on the home page.