Ontario’s Doctors Call to Go Back to Colour-Coded Framework

The Ontario Medical Association is concerned about the outbreak of COVID and the rise in hospital admissions, especially in emergency departments. At the same time, as restrictions loosen, more people are gathering and traveling, particularly to and from red spots.

The association suggests that regions be banned from returning to less stringent sections of the system until there are less than 1,000 daily new cases. It predicts that the number of COVID-related hospital admissions will increase for the next two weeks before falling again.

Dr. Samantha Hill claimed that Ontarians had already flattened the curve and would do so again. For the time being, each area in the province can go back one step and reassess regularly. She urged the public to keep a watch on the long game even after the vaccines arrived.

The OMA suggests that areas that are in the grey quarantine zone can stay with maximum restrictions while hoping for their case counts to decrease. Doctors in Ontario claim the things any Ontarian should do to help end the pandemic are to have the first COVID vaccine available and to continue to obey public health recommendations.

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