Medical Tourism to Fill Holes in Our Health Care System

Medical travel brokers bring optimism to a growing population facing escalating medical problems. They can help overcome long waiting periods that compromise your health by organizing treatments overseas, or they can provide “remedies” for whatever befalls you despite the absence of remedies available locally.

According to experts, much more work remains to be accomplished before medical travel brokers can be regarded as a solution for a constrained system or before medical tourism becomes a legal means to outsource medical treatment.

At its finest, medical tourism provides quick treatment for Canadians who often have to wait a long time for such treatments. It also provides solutions to those who feel that the most cutting-edge therapies are not accessible inside the country.

Still, it can be an expensive game that preys on the false expectations of a truly helpless, and often very sick, demographic. One example is when the Internet hysteria surrounding many unproven stem cell therapies has led to people spending a lot of their hard-earned money for no positive result.

Business people, on the other hand, agree that medical tourism enables more options for patients. Moreover, amid concerns from the scientific community and experts about possible risks, the industry thrives.

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