Launch of the Physician Executives Service Offer

The Symposium was the occasion for the launch of a service offer for Physician Executives. It is 3 products to go further in the knowledge, strategies and skills for a more effective daily management.

These 3 products: the agile leader workshops, the professional co-development group and the solution laboratory for GMF/establishment co-management will be available from January 2018 in french.

All the information, the dates and the registration form for each activity are now available on the QMA's website.
A 20% discount on each activity is offered until December 15th!

For further information, contact Lucie Raymond: lucie.raymond@amq.ca - 514 866-0660

A successfull Symposium!

Almost 100 people attended this 3rd edition of the QMA-CMA Symposium for physician Executives, mainly physician executives, but also some executives who came to learn how to better master the principles of co-management.

We thank all the participants and speakers for their presence, the relevance of their interventions and the quality of their participation.

Thanks to their dynamism and their interactions, we enjoyed a rich and lively symposium that offered real tools to understand the interest of co-management and how to succeed based on different concrete cases.

A tool kit gathering the contents of the conference will soon be available on the QMA's website.

Online module on medical assistance in dying

The CMA offers a training online for physicians to understand what is involved, advise their patients and make an informed decision about whether they should include this in their practice.

This 1h30 module is offered to all practicing physicians, in english or french, and is accredited for 1,5 CPD credits.
It’s free for QMA-CMA members!

To have more information or to register, click here

Focus on medical professionalism at the QMA!

Concerned by the state of medical professionalism, the QMA has reflected, studied, taken a position and acted on this issue. It is now meeting with physicians in their workplaces to provide a two- to three-hour training workshop that offers possible solutions for a new vision of professionalism.

Over the next few months, 25 workshops will be held across the province, depending on the interest shown in each region.

To have a look at the sessions already planned and register, click here

If you would like to organize a workshop in your workplace, please contact Julie Lapointe of the QMA.

3rd QMA-CMA Symposium for Physician Executives, October 27, 2017, at the Westin Montréal

Working together: stay focused!

Physician executives live in a complex environment, interacting with many individuals. They are called upon to manage different situations, in different contexts, but always as a team, be it:
- Co-managing with a clinical administrative manager;
- Collaborating with partner organizations in providing services to the population and sharing resources;
- Or organizing services between an institution’s various sites and working with the university environment for training residents.

Through the stories of physician executives, the symposium will help to identify the strategies that make it possible to work together to stay focused on the results and the best management practices, while also developing the skills and capabilities required to succeed.

To know more about the symposium and register, click here

NOTE: The Symposium is in French only

Overdiagnosis : 2 trainings in August 2017 at Québec

5th International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference – 17th to 19th August 2017
The QMA is hosting the 5th edition of the International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference, organized by Oxford University and its partners. The conference gathers doctors and scientists from over 30 countries.
The conference will focus on overuse and overmedicalization, moving from evidence to action, communicating about overdiagnosis and engaging with citizens, patients and the public.
This will be the first bi-lingual conference on Overuse and Too Much Medicine. Simultaneous translation will be available for all main plenary sessions on the conference schedule.
Click here to register.

Practising Wisely – 20th August 2017
The Practising Wisely professional development program, developed by the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP), is offered in Quebec thanks to a joint initiative of the Quebec College of Family Physicians (QCFP) and QMA.
This session will happen at the Quebec Convention Centre after the International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference. Sessions offered in French and English. 
Click here to register.

The New Governance and Medical Leadership (May 30, 2016) seminar aims to provide a factual and up-to-date overview of current changes to the health network’s governance. New ways of assuming positive, strategic medical leadership that meets the challenges raised by the network’s reorganization will also be presented.

Exercising Shared and Inclusive Leadership in an Interdisciplinary Setting (March 22, 2016) has been designed to provide physicians who must lead various health care professionals in caring for increasingly complex health care issues with the necessary tools for success. This seminar promotes an understanding of the human dynamics related to shared and inclusive leadership.

Finally, Using psychology to Deal with Difficult Personalities (May 13, 2016) will provide participants with sound persuasive techniques for dealing with dysfunctional behaviour in people with difficult personalities.

The seminars will be held at l’Académie CHUM in Montreal. A request for accreditation will be submitted to an authorized accrediting organization (Category 1 credits – Mainpro-M1/Section 1). For more information and registration, visit amq.ca/en/formation or contact the QMA at 1-800-363-3932 or admin@amq.ca.

Course schedule at CHUQ for 2016-2017

Following the success of the first PLI Leadership course at the CHU de Québec, we are pleased to announce the launch of a second cohort for 2016-2017. You can register (form available in French only) for courses in the first cohort (2015-2016) or the second cohort now.

  • Connaissance de soi et leadership efficace (self-awareness and effective leadership, in French only)

(2.5 days – 17.75 CPD credits) – September 14 to 16, 2016

  • Mobiliser les autres (engaging others, in French only)

(2.5 days – 17.25 CPD credits) – January 23 to 25, 2017

  • Dépenses, sens et bon sens(dollars and sense, in French only)

(2.5 days – 17.25 CPD credits) – March 15 to 17, 2017

  • Négociation et gestion des conflits (negotiation and conflict management, in French only)

(3 days – 21 CPD credits) – May 29 to 31, 2017

  • Orchestrer le changement et l’innovation (leading change and innovation, in French only)

(2 days – 14 CPD credits) – October 2 & 3, 2017

Call for applications launched for Canadian Certified Physician Executive Credential (CCPE)

The call for nominations for the CCPE certification is now launched and candidates have until October 31st, 2015, to submit their applications. Developed by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the Canadian Society of Physician Leaders (CSPL), the CCPE credential is designed to recognize and advance physician leadership and excellence through a national, peer-generated, standards-based assessment process.

Those who earn the CCPE have demonstrated that they have the leadership capabilities, knowledge and skills needed to succeed ― and to direct, influence and orchestrate change in Canada's complex health care system.

For more détails visit http://www.amq.ca/en/formation/certification.

tournee AMQ AMC couleur

The Québec Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association will tour several Québec regions in the fall of 2015, offering two conferences: Mobiliser en période de turbulence (engaging people in a turbulent context) and Surdiagnostic : comprendre et agir (Overdiagnosis: understanding and acting). Each conference is between 1 hour and 3 hours, and can be given individually as a breakfast or lunch conference, or in a half-day format for both conferences back-to-back. These conferences are accredited continuing professional development (CPD) courses.

If you would like to invite the QMA and CMA to your region for either or both of the conferences, contact Mélissa Bourgoin at 1 800 363-3932 or melissa.bourgoin@amq.ca.


Mobiliser dans un contexte de turbulence (engaging people in a turbulent context)

Duration: 1 or 1.5 hours

CPD credits: 1 or 1.5 credits depending on the length chosen

The health care community is experiencing some very turbulent times. An already heavy workload is being made worse by the concerns and tensions generated by shifts that are already happening or are anticipated. How do you become engaged and how do you engage others in such a context? How do you continue to fulfil your mission effectively?


  • Examine the leadership challenges specific to the health care community
  • Identify the key skills to develop as a leader in order to meet current and future challenges
  • Acquire the tools to develop leadership adapted to the context

Prévenir le surdiagnostic : un exercice de mobilisation (preventing overdiagnosis: an exercise in engaging others)

Duration: 1.5 hours or 3 hours

CPD credits: 1.5 credits or 3 credits

Overdiagnosis occurs when people are diagnosed with a disease that ultimately will not cause them to experience symptoms or early death, or a procedure is done that does not add value to a treatment. How do you engage resources to prevent overdiagnosis? Is it possible to reconcile the way physicians and patients perceive quality care? What are some solutions for this problem?


  • Evaluate the consequences of overdiagnosis and overtreatment
  • Define the medical role in the origin and prevention of overdiagnosis and overtreatment
  • Explain the background and methodology of Choosing Wisely in developing the recommendations aimed at preventing overdiagnosis and overtreatment

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