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QMA-CMA membership

Thanks to a joint membership program, all QMA members are also members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). This joint membership gives you direct access to a wide variety of clinical and professional resources, financial products, events, medical leadership training courses and discounts on products for physicians.

CMA General Council

QMA-CMA joint membership also allows QMA members to participate in the CMA General Council, which is a large national meeting open to all CMA members from across the country. The General Council serves as a parliament for the medical profession in Canada. It allows delegates from provincial and territorial medical associations to discuss and debate resolutions related to the evolution of medicine in Canada.

The QMA is a very active participant in these General Councils, putting forward and debating resolutions that represent the concerns of Québec physicians and encouraging discussion of these issues among their counterparts from the rest of the country. Here are the latest resolutions brought forward by the QMA that have been adopted during the CMA General Councils:

Resolutions - 2015

Resolutions - 2014

Resolutions – 2013

Resolutions - 2012

Resolutions - 2011

Resolutions – 2010


Dr Laurent Marcoux, president-elect of the CMA for 2016

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Presentation of the objectives of Dr Laurent Marcoux

The Canadian Medical Association was formed here in Québec in 1867 by a group of medical leaders who wanted to give the medical profession a strong political voice to lobby for the health care needs of Canadians and provide them with the highest standards of care. 

In 2017, we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the CMA in Québec City, where the leadership for this now pan-Canadian association was first selected. A leadership that has never faltered and that has contributed to the CMA’s unparalleled reputation. It will be our privilege to welcome our colleagues from across Canada. 

This is a great opportunity to present the success stories behind the excellence of medicine in Québec to the rest of Canada. Medicine that has delivered many achievements over the last 150 years, including significant scientific discoveries and the professional attention and dedication required to introduce quality care for all residents in our province. A distinctive Québec excellence that has had an impact not only on the rest of the Canada, but also internationally, regardless of the economic, cultural or social conditions of the countries concerned. 

It is my commitment as president-elect to represent not only the 22,500 physicians in Québec with dignity and honour, but also the 80,000 members of the CMA. During the course of this anniversary year, I pledge to make my presidency a term of reflection on the progress we have made. But in particular, I would like to take a stand for a renewed commitment from our profession to serve our fellow citizens with professionalism, taking the new social realities into account. And without forgetting to put the technological means available to us to the best possible use.

With the support of these new technologies, we can positively engage the expertise of other health care professionals in an effort to collaborate better than ever before. Together, we can offer services that will effectively and efficiently meet the health and wellness needs of all Canadians. 

I would also like our reflection to be supported and upheld by the youngest members of our profession. The medical students and young physicians who have been trained in a modern technology and social context have things to tell us. They have new ideas and ambitions for the future of the profession. Let us take advantage of this anniversary, of this convergence of past and future, to give them a chance to express themselves so that we can build the foundations of a renewed profession with them where competence, responsible self-management and putting the interests of our patients first remain our shared objectives.

Under my presidency, I intend to show all of our citizens that medicine is more than just a profession practised by dedicated individuals. It is and will remain a vocation that we will continue to further, with the same objective of offering appropriate, high-quality services and health care for the well-being of everyone.

As futur president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association, I invite all physicians in Canada to unite their voices under the banner of the CMA so that we can pursue our national leadership with strength and credibility together, for the benefit of the profession and all of our patients.

The Physician

A native of Saint-Ferdinand d’Halifax in the Bois-Francs region, Dr. Laurent Marcoux received his degree in family medicine from Université Laval in 1973. He started practising as a rural physician in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, before working in a short-term institution in Saint-Hyacinthe until 2000. He earned a Master's degree in health administration from Université de Montréal in the same year.

Since the very start of his career, Dr. Marcoux has been a pioneer in his community and a promoter of innovative primary care organization methods. A founder of the multidisciplinary Centre médical Saint-Denis in 1976 and manager of this centre for 32 years, he also established the Centre radiologique Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu. He has worked in various areas of medical administration at the local, regional and provincial levels: head of the department of general medicine at his institution, president of the council of physicians, dentists, and pharmacists (CPDP), chairman of the board of his regional health institution (Honoré-Mercier Hospital in Saint-Hyacinthe) for five years, president of the first Commission médicale régionale de la Montérégie, member of the Conseil médical du Québec, head of the regional general medicine department (DRMG) in Montérégie, and several ministerial committees.

With a Master's degree in health administration, Dr. Marcoux has held a number of management positions. From 2009 to 2012, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association des Conseils des médecins, dentistes et pharmaciens du Québec (ACMDP). From 2008 to 2011, he was also the director of professional services and medical affairs at CSSS Jardins-Roussillon de Châteauguay, and since 2011, he has worked as the Director of Medical Affairs and Services at the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB), Cree territory of James Bay.

Social Commitment

Dr. Marcoux is very socially committed. He is deeply involved in his community, cofounding the Club optimiste Saint-Denis in 1980 and creating the Ensembles musicaux du Mont Saint-Hilaire in 1992, two organizations that work primarily with youth.

Since 2013, Dr. Marcoux has dedicated his time to a project to provide accessible housing for economically disadvantaged families in Mexico’s Zihuatanejo region.

QMA President - 2013-2015

A man of action, Dr. Marcoux is very involved within the Québec Medical Association. A member of the Board of Directors since 2011, he takes over from Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt as Chairman of the Board from 2013 to 2015 and established his style right from the beginning of his term. During these two years, the QMA took its rightful place in the Québec health care system.

Dr. Marcoux proudly represents the approximately 10,000 QMA members as a spokesperson and positions the organization with respect to the major current issues.


Taking over from Dr. Vander Stelt in several issues advocated by the QMA, the issue of overdiagnosis is undeniably Dr. Marcoux’s most significant accomplishment as head of the QMA. Subsequent to the Québec delegation’s noteworthy participation, organized by the QMA, in the first Preventing Overdiagnosis conference in New Hampshire, the association organized the first Québec Symposium on Overdiagnosis in 2013. The QMA then released the action plan resulting from the work and discussions among participants at the symposium and became the French-language counterpart of the national Choosing Wisely Canada campaign, with the launch of Choisir avec soin.

The QMA’s work on overdiagnosis did not go unnoticed. The association garnered historic media coverage, in addition to building its credibility on the international stage. The results of the QMA’s work were featured not only in an article in the Québec magazine L’Actualité, but also reached beyond the province’s borders to be talked about at international conferences (Oxford and Athens). Even the prestigious British Medical Journal referred to this work. This echo throughout the international scientific and medical world has enabled the QMA to become the host of the fourth Preventing Overdiagnosis conference, which will be held in Québec City in 2017.

This issue continues to move forward, with many related committees being created in clinics and health institutions. The QMA has been invited to participate in creating these committees as an expert.

Bills 10 and 20

In response to the tabling of bills 10 and 20, under the leadership of Dr. Marcoux, the QMA shared its recommendations with the Committee on Health and Social Services by submitting two briefs and by appearing before the parliamentary commission. Both bills, which were intended to modify the organization and governance of the health and social services system, but also to promote access to family and specialized medical services as well as to amend various legislative provisions regarding assisted human reproduction, are still hot topics. Dr. Marcoux’s public appearances have given the QMA important visibility and reaffirmed the association’s credibility and medical leadership with respect to provincial politics. Note that the QMA and CMA appeared together, for the first time in their respective histories, before a parliamentary commission.

Professionalism and social contract

The medical profession has always benefited from a great deal of sympathy and respect from the population in general and the other professions. However, major changes in the medical environment in recent years have resulted in a profound shift in the role of health care professionals, including physicians. Some controversial events have also generated media coverage that has contributed to undermining the image of the medical profession in the eyes of the general public. Under the presidency of Dr. Marcoux, the QMA has chosen to take an in-depth, fundamental look at the future of the medical profession and its relationship with society as a whole. For its 17th annual convention, the association is drawing national and international experts recognized for their work on professionalism and the medical sector in order to develop a new approach and to increase the medical profession’s awareness of the need to adhere to the social contract that binds it to society. As the first association to focus on the issue, the QMA confirms its position as a leader in the health care system and as a forward thinking group in Québec and Canada.

Dying with Dignity

In 2013, the QMA took part in the National Assembly’s special consultations and public hearings on the issue of the right to die with dignity. In addition to submitting a brief, Dr. Marcoux appeared before a parliamentary commission and presented the QMA’s recommendations on this topic. He remained committed to this matter throughout his term as president by defending the QMA’s position in the media. In doing this, the QMA has remained at the heart of the discussions among professionals and society regarding physician-assisted death and end-of-life care. The experience that Dr. Marcoux has acquired at the provincial level will be able to help the rest of Canada in this issue that continues to receive considerable attention.