Clarus Securities Pulls Back on StageZero Life Sciences

StageZero, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, offers cancer and COVID-19 diagnostic tests and is promoting its Aristotle diagnostic tool as a multi-cancer blood screening. The company disclosed a purchase agreement to acquire Health Clinics Ltd (HCL), a telehealth company dealing with systemic inflammation and metabolic disorders.

Following that, StageZero announced that Aristotle would be launched via HCL’s network and the newly developed AVRT clinical project. StageZero is charging $1,500 for the procedure, which includes a wide variety of tests for possible cancers in both male and female clients.

Noel Atkinson, StageZero’s analyst, is concerned that, although the new methodology might be beneficial in improving Aristotle’s marketing campaigns and workflows, it limits StageZero’s commitment to examining current cancer patients. This would be ineffective for evaluating the platform’s capability as a wider screening method.

According to Atkinson, the firm has no objections to Stage Zero’s new sales platforms. However, the reduced concentration on the broad business market might eliminate an important channel that was expected by the company as a way to provide significant credibility for Aristotle. In principle, building trust would increase customer interest in a campaign.

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