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A blue and white weighted blanket on a bed

Are Weighted Blankets Safe? Weighted Blanket Side Effects You Should Know

Chances are you are considering purchasing a weighted blanket. But before dropping a chunk of change on one of these popular blankets, you should know some potential side effects.
Weighted blankets may seem like a miracle solution for insomnia and restlessness, but they’re not for everyone. Some claim washing a weighted blanket is a hassle. While others think the extra weight can be uncomfortable for some and cause injuries if misused.
We’ll discuss all the potential weighted blanket side effects in this article. Let’s dive in.

IntelGenx to Double in Value Next Year

On Thursday, IntelGenx, a drug delivery development company that produces and sells pharmaceutical films such as VersaFilm and transdermal VevaDerm, reported its Q4 full year 2020 financials, reporting fourth-quarter sales of $790,000 with an adjusted EBITDA loss of $754,000.
After IntelGenx Technologies’ recent fourth-quarter report, Douglas Loe, an analyst at Leede Jones Gable, is optimistic about the venture. Loe disclosed a C$1.00 target price in an update to investors, representing a forecast one-year return of 100% at the time of publishing….

Clarus Securities Pulls Back on StageZero Life Sciences

StageZero, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, offers cancer and COVID-19 diagnostic tests and is promoting its Aristotle diagnostic tool as a multi-cancer blood screening. The company disclosed a purchase agreement to acquire Health Clinics Ltd (HCL), a telehealth company dealing with systemic inflammation and metabolic disorders.
Following that, StageZero announced that Aristotle would be launched via HCL’s network and the newly developed AVRT clinical project. StageZero is charging $1,500 for the procedure, which includes a wide variety of tests for …

Better Options to Pfizer Stock

COVID-19 has pushed drugmakers like Pfizer to the forefront of the global effort to find a cure for the pandemic, and its stock price has risen in a month or so after the company announced promising testing results for its COVID vaccine. Investors hoping for a large windfall from Pfizer, according to portfolio manager John Zechner, are likely to be disappointed.
According to Zecher, the issue with larger providers such as Pfizer is that due to their scale and production, it is difficult for them to discover products that will help them expand. The vaccine will …