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Medical Tourism to Fill Holes in Our Health Care System

Medical travel brokers bring optimism to a growing population facing escalating medical problems. They can help overcome long waiting periods that compromise your health by organizing treatments overseas, or they can provide “remedies” for whatever befalls you despite the absence of remedies available locally.
According to experts, much more work remains to be accomplished before medical travel brokers can be regarded as a solution for a constrained system or before medical tourism becomes a legal means to outsource medical treatment.

Technologies Transforming Canadian Healthcare in 2021

The rapid advancement in medical technology is now changing the Canadian healthcare system. What real contenders, on the other hand, are lurking around the corner? CADTH is actively scanning the landscape for the most eligible candidates.
CADTH is an international organization that discovers, evaluates, and summarizes information on medications, medical devices, testing, and procedures. It recently published a list of arising …

Ontario’s Doctors Call to Go Back to Colour-Coded Framework

The Ontario Medical Association is concerned about the outbreak of COVID and the rise in hospital admissions, especially in emergency departments. At the same time, as restrictions loosen, more people are gathering and traveling, particularly to and from red spots.
The association suggests that regions be banned from returning to less stringent sections of the system until there are less than 1,000 daily new cases. It predicts that the number of COVID-related hospital admissions will increase for the next two weeks before falling again.

OMA Research Shows COVID Myth Spreaders

According to an exclusive recent study carried out on behalf of the Ontario Medical Association, nearly 6% of Ontarians online are distributing lies and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, with the overwhelming majority of them being older people.
Ontarians aged 55-64 are the most active online across all COVID hoax topics, with men and women involved pretty much equally. Men who spread misinformation on the internet prefer to address the government’s use of COVID for its interests, while women appear to concentrate on the government as the source …

Seniors as A Part of The Coronavirus Solution

For good purposes, the public has viewed senior Canadians as weak and fragile during the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has disproportionately affected older people, who make up the vast majority of those dealing with serious illness or death.
Fear of COVID-19 contagion tends to affect seniors even more than the majority of Canadians, causing them to implement tighter lockdown procedures for their safety and health. 
What is often overlooked in the aim to keep seniors healthy is that older adults are not only …

How Canadians Learn from Coronavirus Experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a wave of transformation in the Canadian medical environment and the professional lives of healthcare workers. Rapid implementation of improved personal protective equipment, obligatory symptom monitoring for staff and patients, and expanded work-from-home practices are only a few examples.
An After Action Review (AAR) is a mechanism used by the World Health Organization (WHO) for healthcare emergencies to helping organize a reflective process. It is a systematic, qualitative analysis of the activities taken during the response to…

Developing the Medical Technology Industry in Canada

It was 1949, and cardiologists Drs. Wilfred Bigelow and John Callaghan were researching whether dramatically cooling a dog’s body would enable them to execute open-heart surgery in the basement of Toronto’s Banting Institute. Unfortunately, the dog’s heart spontaneously stopped during the operation.
Dr. Bigelow, desperate to resuscitate the animal, poked the dog’s left ventricle with his hand. The movement, which resembled the rhythm of a regular heartbeat, jolted the heart back from the dead. It also triggered the thought that electrical …

IntelGenx to Double in Value Next Year

On Thursday, IntelGenx, a drug delivery development company that produces and sells pharmaceutical films such as VersaFilm and transdermal VevaDerm, reported its Q4 full year 2020 financials, reporting fourth-quarter sales of $790,000 with an adjusted EBITDA loss of $754,000.
After IntelGenx Technologies’ recent fourth-quarter report, Douglas Loe, an analyst at Leede Jones Gable, is optimistic about the venture. Loe disclosed a C$1.00 target price in an update to investors, representing a forecast one-year return of 100% at the time of publishing….

Clarus Securities Pulls Back on StageZero Life Sciences

StageZero, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, offers cancer and COVID-19 diagnostic tests and is promoting its Aristotle diagnostic tool as a multi-cancer blood screening. The company disclosed a purchase agreement to acquire Health Clinics Ltd (HCL), a telehealth company dealing with systemic inflammation and metabolic disorders.
Following that, StageZero announced that Aristotle would be launched via HCL’s network and the newly developed AVRT clinical project. StageZero is charging $1,500 for the procedure, which includes a wide variety of tests for …