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Medical Tourism to Fill Holes in Our Health Care System

Medical travel brokers bring optimism to a growing population facing escalating medical problems. They can help overcome long waiting periods that compromise your health by organizing treatments overseas, or they can provide “remedies” for whatever befalls you despite the absence of remedies available locally. According to experts, much more work remains to be accomplished before …

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Technologies Transforming Canadian Healthcare in 2021

The rapid advancement in medical technology is now changing the Canadian healthcare system. What real contenders, on the other hand, are lurking around the corner? CADTH is actively scanning the landscape for the most eligible candidates. CADTH is an international organization that discovers, evaluates, and summarizes information on medications, medical devices, testing, and procedures. It …

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Ontario’s Doctors Call to Go Back to Colour-Coded Framework

The Ontario Medical Association is concerned about the outbreak of COVID and the rise in hospital admissions, especially in emergency departments. At the same time, as restrictions loosen, more people are gathering and traveling, particularly to and from red spots. The association suggests that regions be banned from returning to less stringent sections of the …

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