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Introduction to medical practice management: Understanding and fulfilling your role in the organization

Do you want to equip your team to manage organizational priorities more effectively and understand your institution’s funding mechanisms?

Would you like to promote greater awareness of the duties, responsibilities and obligations of various players in your organization?

Physician executives play a strategic role in the organization, but most often without having management training. However, it is vitally important that they have basic knowledge to more effectively take on their managerial role and more easily carry out their assigned responsibilities.

To help public healthcare institutions provide their physician executives with all of the necessary tools, the Québec Medical Association has set up a comprehensive training course covering basic knowledge of practice management. This program entitled Introduction à la gestion médicale : Comprendre et assumer son rôle dans l’organisation covers the following topics:

  • useful legal instruments for management;
  • budget principles;
  • strategic planning;
  • steps to follow to complete a project;
  • interrelationships between various institutional authorities;
  • winning conditions for effective partnerships between medical practitioners and administrators.

For each organization, this certified training will be tailored to the institution in which it will be given.

To learn more, go to (In French only).


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