2017 QMA Excellence Awards

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During the day that Quality Above and Beyond! – Tools to analyse my practice took place, which was April 28, 2017, the QMA gave out 4 awards recognizing the work, passion and devotion of some of its members. The 2017 recipients are:


Dr Gagne epelletierPrestige Award – Dr. Guy-Paul Gagné

This is the greatest distinction conferred on a QMA member, acknowledging excellence and contribution to the advancement of medicine and society in humanitarian, ethical, scientific, socio-economic, and educational or communication fields.

Dr. Gagné’s career path stands out not only for his leadership, expertise and empathy, but also for his involvement in the Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (MOREOB) program that he directs. This is a safety program designed for hospitals and birthing centres in Québec, Ontario and British Columbia.



Physician Manager Leadership Award – Dr. Daniel Tardif Dr Tardif epelletier

This award recognizes the leadership of a physician manager in implementing an innovative project.

A physician, public health consultant, certified human resources professional, author, speaker, manager and business leader, Dr. Daniel Tardif is CEO of the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Outaouais. He is responsible for the health and social services provided for the population for some 400,000 citizens in the Outaouais region.



Dr Rene de Cotret epelletierTeaching-Clinician Award – Dr. Paul René De Cotret

This award recognizes the commitment of a QMA member physician who has made an exceptional contribution to the training of future physicians in Québec.

Dr. René de Cotret is a pillar in the medical teaching community, especially nephrology. He has developed a passionate, enjoyable approach to training new physicians in Québec in essential know-how such as soft skills and compassion to be able to manage and support patients. Many professors at Université Laval’s Faculty of Medicine use his teaching methods  in their training.


Emerging Professional Award – Dr. Ji Wei Yang Dr Yang epelletier

This award recognizes the commitment of a resident in the social field or the medical community, or the quality of his or her research or publications.

Dr. Yang is an endocrinology resident, endocrinology speaker for interns and the author of several publications. She also gives talks on numerous health topics including diabetes, metabolic syndrome and thyroid disease. She is a committed professional dedicated to the cause of vulnerable populations, particularly with the Association des Médecins Haïtiens à l’Étranger and the Groupe Université de Montréal Haïti Glaucome (GUHG).