General Council of the Canadian Medical Association

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This year, the General Council of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) will take place from August 20 to 23, 2017, against the backdrop of the association’s 150th anniversary. This edition will have a special focus, marked by celebratory activities that the CMA symbolically chose to organize in Québec City where it all started.

The event is an opportunity for the members of Canada’s medical profession to unite in discussions on the issues that matter to physicians and their patients.

Topics on the program include:

-        The findings of CMA consultations and member engagement activities on intra-professionalism, one of the three pillars of the organization’s strategic initiative on medical professionalism.

-        The ways in which physician engagement can contribute to managing not only the major opioid crisis occurring in Canada, but also the overall management of chronic pain among the Canadian population.

-        The CMA’s positioning on the issues raised by the types of requests for medical assistance in dying, particularly with respect to mature minors, advance medical directives and psychiatric conditions as the sole underlying condition.

Obviously, the QMA delegation will be there to express the Québec medical community’s perspective and concerns. The next generation of medical professionals will also be included in the discussions through the CMA Ambassador Program for members in the first 15 years of their career (students, residents and early-career physicians).