Successful Tour on Professionalism

QMA info march2018

Logo ENSince last fall, the QMA has been travelling around Québec to meet with you to discuss medical professionalism.

Some 300 physicians, specialists, general practitioners and residents have participated in 21 training-consultation workshops so far. The bond of trust between physicians and their patients, breach of the social contract, obligations and privileges, autonomy, accountability, and self-regulation are just some of the many topics that gave rise to animated discussions among the physicians who attended these meetings.

The QMA will present the conclusions of the tour on April 20, 2018, as part of its annual day (see the article QMA’s Annual Day and General Meeting on April 20). But this does not mean the end of these meetings, because four others have already been planned in the next few weeks. Are you interested in discussing these issues with your colleagues? Let us know and we will organize a workshop for you. Write to