The End of the Health and Welfare Commissioner

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Created in 2006 by Philippe Couillard, the Minister of Health and Social Services at the time, the mission of the Health and Welfare Commissioner was to shed relevant light on public debate and government decision-making related to health matters. An independent body, it published about 30 major reports and organized several public consultations on significant issues in the health care system, including primary care, chronic disease, system funding, physician compensation, assisted procreation and the basket of services. It also supported data collection on how the health care system was perceived by physicians and patients, namely by funding an oversampling that made it possible to compare Québec to the rest of Canada and other countries taking part in an international survey by the Commonwealth Fund.

The Québec government, which had announced in its 2016 budget that the commissioner’s functions would cease, confirmed the commission’s abolition when Bill 150 was tabled last November. Like many other organizations, the QMA was strongly opposed to the disappearance of the Health and Welfare Commissioner, feeling that the government wanted to remove the critical voice of this independent stakeholder in the health care system.

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