A Promising Future-Oriented Collective

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In light of the urgent need to resolve the problems in the health care system, the QMA has joined forces with three organizations representing patients, workers and managers in order to seek changes. The Alliance des patients pour la santé, the Association des cadres supérieurs de la santé et des services sociaux, the Québec Medical Association and the Confédération des syndicats nationaux feel that it is necessary to take action on governance, funding and compensation methods, the delivery of health services and social services, and also prevention, and propose 15 solutions to achieve this.


The 15 solutions



  • Transform the organizational culture and prioritize interdisciplinarity and innovative practices
  • Ensure the continuum of care and services, namely by consolidating the role of the CLSCs
  • Improve and better fund care and services for seniors and vulnerable clienteles


  • Increase public health funding by dedicating a percentage of the overall health budget to this spending
  • Decentralize the management of public health policies
  • Increase efforts to promote healthy lifestyles


  • Revise and stabilize resource allocation, in particular by acquiring performance and population needs assessment indicators
    • Review and readjust physician compensation methods and incentives
    • Introduce a universal, public prescription drug insurance plan


  • Revise the powers and functioning of the boards of directors for health and social services institutions by making them apolitical
  • Ensure real citizen involvement, namely by creating a national patient committee and local consultation mechanisms
    • Maintain the function of the Health and Welfare Commissioner, reporting to the National Assembly of Québec, by guaranteeing the commission’s independence and funding


  • Promote and make the health and social services professions more appealing
  • Improve the image of the health and social services system
  • Develop and support co-management with existing staff, at all levels of clinical and administrative management

More details are available at the 15solutions.org Web site (in French only).