“The Credible Resident: How to Succeed”

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How do you become a good physician? You have to graduate from the university program at one of the four faculties of medicine in Québec. And how do you become a good leader? Learn more about yourself and your interactions with others. Understanding the different personality types that exist, decoding the culture and networks of power, and managing your stress and energy are all desirable skills.

The QMA-CMA is offering all resident members free training with The Credible Resident: How to Succeed. This program is a way to go beyond university training and become a good leader. Perfectly adapted to the reality of residents, it includes online activities, a half-day of classroom training focused on action and practice, a virtual class and individual coaching if needed.

To learn more, visit our Web site and click Credible resident under Courses and CPD (Information available soon).

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