The Symposium Was a Rich Learning Experience!

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Close to 100 participants attended the 3rd edition of the Symposium for Physician Executives on October 27 at Le Westin Montréal.

The presentations led to an important observation: we can no longer do it alone. The complexity of the current environment requires both a network and a partnership management approach to provide value-added services for the population. Physician executives and managers, with the involvement of patients, must share a vision and common objectives, governance and the responsibilities related to the issues they manage.

To achieve this, they must develop new capacities such as setting up coalitions, and being more creative and open-minded. They must also know how to work with ambiguity, and to influence others and negotiate for the common good. They must learn how to manage risk and exercise inspiring leadership that encourages greater efforts. Despite the daily challenges presented by the issues in the health care system, it is important to choose and to stay focused on the end result by leaving room for innovation.

A tool kit with the Symposium content will soon be available on our Web site.

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