The tour Is in full swing!

La tournee bat son pleinSince October, 12 workshops have already been held in Victoriaville, Chicoutimi, Montréal, Gatineau, Amos, La Sarre, Val-d'Or, Rouyn-Noranda and Québec City, and there are just as many more to come in the next few months!

These consultations are always very well received by participants. They appreciate being able to discuss topics to improve the profession and the public’s trust.

Several problems have been mentioned, such as overdiagnosis, the population’s loss of trust in physicians, the organization or funding of the health care system, and also the disempowerment of physicians.

Several potential solutions have also been suggested: engaging patients in their own care, decentralizing the system, and training students for leadership and clinical governance.

You can read below some comments of participants:

“It’s rare to have the chance to discuss and reflect on these matters on a daily basis. We talk a lot about money and working conditions, but very rarely about professionalism and the related values.”

“It’s actually easier to be technicians than physicians. However, by being technicians, we risk losing our profession.”

“The existence of legislation such as Bill 130 shows that we have a problem… If we’re not there, we will be organized by others.”

“The system is as centralized as it can get now. Because everything seems to swing like a pendulum, we’ll eventually end up decentralized again. It’s important to get involved now to be a significant player at the right time.”

“Mentoring in management and administration could be a good way to train successors. The approach could be modelled on what we use with specialists to learn by practising. We have to ensure there is a transfer of management knowledge and expertise.”

“It’s in our best interests to train young physicians better on the organization/rules of their hospital, which would have an impact on their accountability.”