Professionalism: an emerging issue for the CMA’s General Council

bandeau ANG

Over 600 participants gathered in Québec City from August 20 to 23, 2017, for the General Council of the Canadian Medical Association. Many topics were discussed, including opioid use, physician health and burn-out, and medical assistance in dying. For the emerging issues, the QMA led delegates to reflect on professionalism. Over the last few years, many provinces have reduced the self-regulating power of the medical profession, while imposing new obligations on its members. According to the QMA, urgent discussion was needed on how the governments, administration and physicians should share the responsibility of organizing medical services throughout the territory in order to guarantee accessibility, quality care and services.

Members of the Québec delegation also presented motions concerning the increased access to, quality and nature of the information entered on the electronic health record and Canada-wide consistency in the levels of medical intervention.