Journalists’ conference organized by the QMA

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9 Atelier journalismeMany journalists and communicators came to listen to our workshop on overdiagnosis and the media, organized in conjunction with the 5th international Preventing Overdiagnosis conference. They had a chance to hear a presentation by Olivier Bernard, better known as the Pharmachien. Displaying his usual enthusiasm, this extraordinary communicator, who is a pharmacist in the city, gave a few examples of medical topics that should never have received media coverage, or at least not this way. He also gave the journalists some advice for covering these topics better and making it easier for their readers to find the studies that the journalists popularize. Dr. Michel Cauchon, a full professor in the department of family medicine and emergency medicine at Université Laval, focused on the critical reading of scientific studies. He explained how to recognize a good study and put it into perspective, and then gave the participants advice for reading the results better, which are often embellished by people who want to make them sound good.