Preventing overdiagnosis: it’s only a beginning!

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7 mot de clôture HugoIn closing the 5th international Preventing Overdiagnosis conference, Dr. Hugo Viens reminded everyone that we had to continue to take action in the field, mirroring the theme of this edition: Moving from Evidence to Action. He restated the QMA’s commitment to pursue its efforts to communicate, educate and engage. Although the issue of overdiagnosis and overtreatment is garnering more and more interest amongst the population and physicians, it is still unfamiliar to many. Hence the importance of continuing the work undertaken by the association in Québec since 2013 to raise awareness among its members and the public. The QMA also plans to continue with its training on overdiagnosis. This year, it joined forces with the Québec College of Family Physicians to create a French-language version of the Practising Wisely program, called Pour une pratique éclairée : une utilisation judicieuse des examens et des traitements, which is intended to help Québec physicians implement solutions for overdiagnosis in their practice. In his closing address, Dr. Viens also talked about the QMA’s support for the nationwide Choosing Wisely Canada program and its Québec chapter in particular. In the absence of funding from provincial authorities, this program would not have been possible without financial support from the QMA. The mandate of Choosing Wisely Québec includes referencing Québec initiatives in order to accelerate change at the local level. The QMA also plans to continue to develop and distribute shareable tools. Finally, Dr. Viens assured us that the QMA would be collaborating with the Minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette, after the Minister identified the QMA as the key partner in Québec in this issue.