QMA members are leaders in the field

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QMA members were very active in organizing this international event, with QMA president Dr. Hugo Viens directing the local organizing committee. In addition, Dr. Guylène Thériault, a member of the QMA’s Board of Directors and a graduate of Evidence-based Health Care from the University of Oxford, and Dr. France Légaré, a Tier 1 chairholder of a Canada Research Chair on shared decision making and the application of knowledge, and a full-time professor in the department of family medicine and emergency medicine at Université Laval, were members of the Scientific Committee of this 5th edition of the event.

Other QMA members who also spoke:

Dr. Lorraine LeGrand Westfall took part in the plenary session Tackling the defensive practice argument, chaired by Dr. Thériault (see other text).

Dr. Fabien Gagnon gave a presentation titled Overdiagnosis of Psychiatric Disability: Best practice, Advocacy, “Complaisance”, Fraud or Ignorance?

Dr. François Rousseau gave a talk on Using per-capital clinical laboratory expenses to compare appropriate use of laboratory tests.

Dr. Marie-Dominique Beaulieu chaired the working session on Communicating Overdiagnosis.

Dr. France Légaré took active part in several sessions during the event, in particular the very popular plenary session Communicating Overdiagnosis attended by André Picard, a health reporter at The Globe and Mail.