The 2012 QMA Awards: Recognizing leadership and physician involvement

At an event attended by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Yves Bolduc, the QMA had the great honour on April 20 and 21, 2012, to recognize and award three physicians and four students who have distinguished themselves through their leadership and contribution to improve health care services. They are:


Alain Cloutier Award 

In honour of the late Dr. Alain Cloutier, the QMA is proud every year to give the award bearing his name to a physician who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in promoting innovative technology projects, thereby making an impact on the organization of medical practice in his or her region.  


dr-emondThe Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus would certainly not be the same without the impressive contribution of Dr. Marcel Émond. He has been a clinician-researcher in the field of Traumatology – Emergency – Critical Care at the Research Centre of the Québec Health Research Fund since 2004. Dr. Emond’s research is focused on the impact of minor injuries and the development of predictive tools to help primary care physicians treat the large number of patients while at the same time improving patient care and the use of limited resources. As the principal investigator, he also leads the first recognized team at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
Dr. Émond put together a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and administrators to develop a technology platform called ReaScribe+ that gathers clinical data in real time in the emergency department’s recovery room. It provides assistance with clinical decisions, traceability, the effective use of protocols and rapid feedback by administrators. The platform is currently used in some tertiary care emergency departments in the Québec City region.
The positive repercussions of this project include an improvement in staff time management and the use of protocols, and better co-ordination between the different care givers in the recovery room.

Teaching-Clinician Award

This award recognizes the exceptional contribution of a physician who teaches in a faculty of medicine.

dr-kohnDr. Richard Kohn’s contribution as an associate director of the emergency department at the Jewish General Hospital is invaluable. Involved in all aspects of the department’s operation, he is an active member of the advisory committee and also works on several academic and clinical issues.

Currently an assistant professor at McGill University, Dr. Kohn is a pioneer in medical training. In addition to contributing to the development of an emergency medicine program, he was responsible for setting up clinical clerkships for medical students in many hospitals affiliated with McGill University.

As part of his academic functions, he developed and took on the responsibility for the Topics in Medicine course for students in emergency medicine. He also directed the prestigious residency training program, which is extremely successful among graduates throughout Canada. In fact, his advice and vision are still highly appreciated and sought after by students and residents alike.

Dr. Kohn has a rare sense of leadership, extraordinary commitment and endless passion for emergency medicine and teaching. Dr. Kohn has contributed to offering a high quality education to future physicians in Québec.

Emerging Professional Award

The next generation is a constant theme for the QMA, so it is with pride that it recognizes the significant commitment of a resident in the medical community by awarding him or her with the  Emerging Professional Award.

dre-raicheA graduate of Université de Sherbrooke, Dr. Evelyne Raiche completed her residency in obstetrics-gynecology with flying colours in June 2011 and continued with additional training in maternal-fetal medicine, in association with the Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program. Her research work was presented to the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and earned praise from all her professors.

Dr. Raiche’s significant commitment to the medical community, through her close involvement with the residency program committee, and sustained participation in departmental and faculty life, is also noteworthy. In 2001, she was the recipient of the Jean-de-L.-Mignault award that recognizes the excellence of a specialty resident.

The QMA is pleased to count Dr. Raiche among its emerging professionals, thanks to her contribution to and involvement in the practice of medicine now and in the future.


By recognizing the leadership and the academic and community involvement of four students, the QMA strives to highlight the important contribution of the next generation in the practice of medicine now and in the future. 

Marie-Ève Pelletier, fourth-year medical student at Université de Sherbrooke

pelletier-sherbrookeMs. Pelletier has sharpened her vision and leadership through a variety of meaningful experiences. From the outset she has held that to be a leader, it is necessary to have certain essential qualities, in particular a passion for what you are doing and concern for others.

Very involved in her faculty, Ms. Pelletier distinguished herself especially through her originality, enterprise and perseverance in setting up the Groupe action santé universelle de Sherbrooke. This is the first international project managed exclusively by students at Université de Sherbrooke. The group has committed to a humanitarian project to improve the health of inhabitants in Lamas, a village in Togo. As the director, she co-ordinated the group’s funding activities, the development meetings, and communications with the village’s health representatives to ensure that the project met their expectations. On site, she was able to mobilize the various NGOs to build latrines for the villagers. There is no doubt that Ms. Pelletier’s perseverance and resourcefulness enabled her to overcome many obstacles encountered in this project.

Sophie Marcoux, first-year medical student at Université de Montréal

marcoux-montrealFor Ms. Marcoux, leadership is the ability to get people to put their strengths to work to reach a common goal. Her achievements show that she has been able to apply this definition to the academic, professional and social aspects of her life. To illustrate, her independence, perseverance and initiative enabled her to convince health professionals from very different backgrounds to start a multi-disciplinary project at the Ste-Justine University Hospital Research Center. Despite her status as a young researcher, she was able to gain the confidence of her peers and take charge of co-ordinating and advancing the project. The future will prove her right, since the first results of this research project are already generating much enthusiasm.

Ms. Marcoux also cares greatly about citizen involvement. As the founder and co-manager of the Delson Trains citizens committee, she mobilized residents in her neighbourhood, along with municipal and provincial elected officials, around the noise problem that had existed for many years. The Delson Trains committee enabled a real dialogue between the private company responsible for the noise and citizens. Efforts were not in vain since they helped to reduce the noise in the neighbourhood by 75%.

Ms. Marcoux is always on the lookout for opportunities for professional involvement. She contributes actively to several publications, presentations and communications. It is therefore not surprising that the American Psychosocial Oncology Society and the Foundation of Stars for doctoral studies wanted to highlight Ms. Marcoux’s involvement in 2011.

Mélissa Larue, fourth-year medical student at Université Laval

larue-lavalMs. Larue has shown that being a leader means forging ahead and finding solutions to situations that concern us.

Over the past two years, Ms. Larue has been committed to improving the quality of life of externs in her faculty. During the teaching strike by residents, Ms. Larue set up different strategies to reduce the impact of this strike on medical students’ training, in addition to taking active part in the discussions with the deans and assistant deans. She recruited senior students to support junior students who encountered problems in clerkships. She also organized evenings for discussions between junior and senior students.

Aware that her training program had a few shortfalls, Ms. Larue proposed several options to improve the situation. She sat on the management and administration boards of her student association, and she co-ordinated the organization of several social opportunities for her colleagues, with the collaboration of other externs. Her great involvement will certainly make her an exemplary leader.

Robert Gourdeau/TD Insurance Meloche-Monnex Award

This award is conferred on one of the four scholarship recipients of the year to acknowledge their sense of initiative and leadership throughout their medical training, as well as their extensive social and community commitment.

Nicholas Chadi, fourth-year student at McGill University

chadi-mcgillMotivated by audacity and the desire to excel, Mr. Chadi has shown remarkable leadership over the past few years.

He was very involved with the McGill South America Health Initiative in all stages of setting up a multi-disciplinary pre-clinical health initiative in Peru. From fundraising that collected close to $10,000, to work in the field, his months of effort and planning added up to enable more than 30 students to take part in this sustainable development program. His enthusiasm made it possible for him to create a partnership with a rehabilitation centre located in the small community of Ricardo Palma funded mainly by the Fondation Père Ménard based in Québec.

A true visionary, he was able to create many ties with local partners to ensure the continuity of this project.