An overview of the QMA's mission to Vancouver

Vancouver_47The Québec Medical Association’s (QMA) objective for its two fact-finding and observation missions was to learn about different clinical organization models that enable optimal chronic disease management in order to revisit our own system.



Last week, a first delegation made up of health professionals, in partnership with Bell, flew to Vancouver to learn about the measures set up to promote the practise of family medicine. While the emphasis in Québec is more on the organization of services, mission delegates discovered that British Columbia adopts a method that is more focused on direct support for physicians.

A consensus in the medical community that physicians in this province were suffering from a general lack of motivation to practise family medicine led to the creation of a work committee, the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC). The primary mandate of this group, comprised of representatives from the ministry, the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA) and the British Columbia College of Family Physicians, was to find solutions to support physicians and ensure full family physician services.

The medical leadership provided by this group formed by and for physicians made it possible to develop a range of innovative ideas to solve this major issue, and two main strategies were deployed for this purpose.

First, they revised the payment structure and introduced financial incentives, such as compensation for additional time required and for the intensity of follow-up, for additional consultations and for calls and e-mails to co-ordinate care. Among other things, this measure encouraged physicians to manage patients with more complex health problems and to offer them more suitably adapted care.

Introducing practice support measures met a high demand among physicians related to training and coaching. This resulted in the creation of modules on appointment management (Advanced Access), group visits and chronic disease management. The results are conclusive, because currently 89% of physicians who took the chronic disease management modules state that they provide their patients with better care.

To learn about the complete results of this mission to Vancouver and to be among the first to get the results of the mission to Cleveland, join us at our annual convention on April 15 and 16, 2011, with the theme of Transform medical practice… or transform the system?

Program of the QMA’s 14th annual convention (in French only)