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Symposium for Physician Executives on the theme of conflict prevention

Visuel Home ColloqueMG2018 ENConflict is part and parcel of the life of a work team. As a physician executive, you have the special task of managing a team of self-employed physicians, which makes your managerial role a bit more complex. Your experience tells you that is impossible to avoid all conflicts, but you can certainly hone your ability to anticipate them and introduce good strategies to minimize their negative impact.

This is what you will learn at the QMA’s 4th Symposium for Physician Executives, during which a number of guest speakers will give presentations around the theme of "Conflict Prevention: From Confrontation to Collaboration". The symposium will be held at the Hotel Vogue in Montréal on Friday, November 30, 2018.

The preliminary program is available on the Symposium website (In French only).

The registration fee of $370 is the same as last year. Since places are limited, you are advised to register soon, if you would like to attend.

To access the registration form, click here or go to