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2018 Quebec Election

While Quebec is immersed in the election campaign, the QMA is closely monitoring the commitments made by the various political parties in the area of healthcare and social services. Between now and October 1, we will share with you our summary of the policy directions and promises of the various political parties.

Quebec Liberal Party promises

New targets for family physicians

The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) does not plan to revisit the agreement it signed with the medical specialists. However, family physicians would be penalized by a Liberal government if they fail to meet the target of 90% of the population having a family physician by 2022, which means taking 900,000 more patients.

When passed into law in 2015, Bill 20 also made provision for financial penalties for general practitioners if less than 85% of the population had access to a family physician by the end of 2017—the measure is currently suspended. Outgoing Premier Philippe Couillard also committed to a 95% attendance‑at‑work record observed by general practitioners by the end of a possible second term.

A number of measures for seniors

Living conditions in residential and long-term care facilities (CHSLDs) were in the news for several months last year: quality of food, number of baths provided, staff working conditions, air conditioning, etc. Care for seniors has clearly become a major election issue for which all of the parties are proposing solutions.

For their part, the Liberals have made a commitment to continue a pilot project that involves looking at nurse-patient ratios, creating 1,500 new places in residential and long-term care facilities, and setting up a telephone help line for seniors wishing to break out of their social isolation.

An additional $50 million per year would be invested in home care, on top of the current $150 million, and families with a live-in senior relative or friend will receive a tax credit for home renovations. 


A number of QLP commitments are intended to continue the work already started during their most recent term. In fact, if re-elected, the Liberal Party will open 25 additional super clinics to supplement the 50 already promised, including the 49 in service. Similarly, the Liberals will continue working towards its objective of deploying 2,000 “super nurses” in the healthcare system by 2024−2025.

Other healthcare promises:

  • Expanded dental care coverage;
  • A 4.2%-per-year increase in funding for facilities, if the state of the economy allows;
  • An increase of $50 million per year for home care, on top of the current $150 million.




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