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Students: It’s time to prepare for your CaRMS interviews!

Upon completion of your medical studies, you have to pass Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) interviews. These interviews play a key role in your future professional career because they enable you to obtain a medical training position in a medical faculty in Canada.

Because this important and mandatory step can be fairly stressful, the Canadian Medical Association set up a free program to help you perfect your interview techniques and obtain advice from residents to improve your chances of obtaining the position you seek.

The following are some testimonials from students who participated in this program last year:

“This interview preparation session was extremely useful for me!
The feedback we each obtain from other students and residents is constructive,
friendly and directly applicable in interviews. I would recommend it for all!”

“The residents were attentive and gave very useful, constructive feedback.
Helped me kickstart my interview preparation and gave me a boost of confidence as well.”

“Very helpful! It gives a good idea of what interview questions
are like and we benefit from all the helpful insight.”

This program is offered from November to January. The dates will be announced shortly.
To learn more, go to  


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