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Incoming 2018−2019 Student Committee!

The new President of the Student Committee of the Québec Medical Association has just put together her team for 2018−2019. Representatives of the four faculties of medicine will work together with Salma Rehimini (see interview with Ms. Rehimini), who is taking over from outgoing President Alexandre Elhalwi, who is now a member of the QMA Board of Directors and continues to build on his experience acquired with the Committee. A vote of thanks to Alexandre for his commitment and leadership during his two-year term as President, as well as to the students who have left the team.

The new Committee members:

Université Laval

  • Mihn-Duc Ngo
  • Julie Abou Samra
  • Isabelle Desbiens

Université de Sherbrooke

  • Stéphanie Roux
  • Nickolas Gagnon
  • Davy Vanderweyen

Université de Montréal

  • Catherine Nguyen
  • Raymond Rui Min Zuo
  • Angèle Lam Giang Trinh, outgoing Vice-President

McGill University

  • Anson Lee
  • Lara Fesdekjian
  • Alexandre Elhalwi, outgoing President
  • Vanessa Danielova, Vice-President
  • Salma Rehimini, President


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