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Physicians sought for workshops on potentially inappropriate medication use

The Quebec Strategy for Patient Oriented Research Support Unit is looking for front-line physicians who will agree to participate in a workshop to raise public awareness of the problem of potentially inappropriate medication use (as defined in the Beers criteria). Participants would assess the impact of workshops (held in public libraries) focusing on a health issue.  

This workshop will be given a number of times in Quebec City and Montreal in April and/or May 2019. After a preparatory meeting, the physicians who agree to participate in this event will be invited to have a 45-minute discussion with the facilitator, followed by a discussion lasting a maximum of 45 minutes with the public. They will have documents provided by the research team and will be paid for their participation.

In 2016, during a first edition of the workshop focusing on the use of antibiotic therapy for acute respiratory tract infections, the Library Project demonstrated the very promising potential of this knowledge-sharing method. According to the study conducted at the time, 94.4% of the people who attended a workshop found the experience to be very relevant and worthwhile, and 98.9% found the information provided to be very clearly presented.

Library Project 2 will be conducted by the Quebec Strategy for Patient Oriented Research Support Unit, in collaboration with the Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation, the Centre d’excellence Déclic sur le dialogue entre les scientifiques et le public, founded by journalist Valérie Borde, and the Montreal and Quebec City libraries.

Click here for additional information about the project. To propose your services, pleased write to José Massougbodji at


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