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Lionel Carmant launches his early screening strategy for children

In an interview with a journalist from Le Soleil, Junior Minister for Health and Social Services Lionel Carmant unveiled his early screening program for developmental and learning disorders in babies and children aged 0 to 5, a promise he made during the election campaign.

He plans to introduce throughout Québec an approach that he tested at Montréal’s Hôpital Sainte-Justine while working there as a neurologist prior to being elected.

Under this new strategy, parents will no longer need a doctor’s diagnosis to get therapy for their child. Instead, they will have to fill out an online questionnaire on the A.I.D.E. platform (Approche interactive au développement de l’enfant) to determine whether their child has a developmental delay.

Children screened through the platform will then be treated at the CLSCs by teams of early childhood experts. Once this project is up and running, each CISSS or CIUSSS will have two teams of 10 people available to follow patients: two physiotherapists, one occupational therapist, one psychologist, two speech language pathologists, one psychoeducator, one nutritionist, one social worker, and one coordinator. 

The CAQ believes that addressing issues earlier on in childhood will lead to a higher high school graduation rate among young Quebecers.

The strategy, set to launch in early 2019, will be in place across the province by 2020. Mr. Carmant estimates its cost at $40 million per year.


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