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Whenever it meets with physicians in their environment, the QMA has observed that many of its members are committed to improving care and services on a daily basis. Great initiatives are taking shape everywhere. Some of them should even be implemented or adapted elsewhere, but for this to happen, we need to know that they exist! 

If you have set up a project that deserves more visibility or if you know of members colleagues who have done so, feel free to contact QMA. We would be pleased to showcase your achievements.

Dr. Jean Pierre Normand: a man of many passions

DrNormandWine aficionado and QMA member Dr. Jean-Pierre Normand made a leap when he decided to get involved a few years ago in designing an app for managing wine cellars. Since then, he’s been working as a beta tester to help develop the smart wine cellar app Alfred, l’expert en vin. And for the past two months, in addition to his full-time hospital and clinic work as an interventional radiologist, he’s also served as VP, Business Development for the company that designed the app.

“It’s quite the change of scenery,” the doctor admits, even though it’s not actually that surprising. The radiologist also has a head for business.

After earning his MD from Université Laval in 1986, Dr. Normand completed his speciality in diagnostic radiology in 1993, “at the absolute perfect time,” just as the field hit a major upswing. In fact, the 1990s saw a complete transformation in radiology, which became a mainstay of several diagnostic procedures thanks to important developments that propelled it to the forefront of medicine: CT scan, fluoroscopy, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, PET scan, nuclear medicine, and interventional radiology.

After completing a micro-fellowship in the 2000s at Stanford University with Dr. Michael Dake, a pioneer of interventional radiology in the U.S., Dr. Normand became the first interventional radiologist to perform thoracic endoprostesis in Québec City. However, his fondest memory with Dr. Dake, who even attended two conferences in Québec organized by Dr. Normand, is sharing a good bottle of wine together. At one point, Dr. Dake invited Dr. Normand to his home, where the two men shared a meal over a bottle of Georges de Latour Private Reserve in what proved to be an epiphany for Dr. Normand!

Alongside his illustrious hospital career—notably as Chief of Radiology at Centre hospitalier régional de Trois-Rivières and at the Hôpital de Thetford Mines—Dr. Normand has helped found several radiology clinics over the years. Part owner of four of them (Clinix imagerie médicale et intervention, IRM Québec, Imagix and Radiologix), he has also partnered with the start-up Bodycad, which is poised to market customized prosthetics made from 3D renderings of medical images of patients’ knees.




Alfred, l’expert en vin is a mobile app that helps users manage their wine cellar. Wine lovers use it to scan their bottles and generate water- and fire-resistant stamps containing all the relevant information about each wine, guaranteeing these important details won’t be lost in a flood or fire. This also lets them easily find the wine they’re looking for, even bottles that have spent years in storage. Alfred is also useful for keeping track of the market value of bottles and the best time to drink them, to avoid losses associated with the deterioration of cellared wines. Another interesting feature is that subscribers have access to the inventories of the SAQ and some 450 wine importers and are legally allowed to buy or sell bottles among themselves. They can also live chat with a dozen top sommeliers and use the app to choose which wine from their cellar pairs best with their menu. A pro version has also been developed for restaurant wine cellars.

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