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New Health and Welfare Commissioner to be appointed in June

Minister of Health and Social Services Danielle McCann has begun the process to appoint the province’s next Health and Welfare Commissioner (HWC).

The HWC’s mandate is to analyze the healthcare system and inform the population on the status of the network. The new HWC will have access to a team of 20 employees and a $3.2-million budget.

According to the law governing the HWC, a selection committee of seven MNAs (four from the CAQ and three from the opposition parties) and seven people from the health network (including a doctor, a nurse, and a social worker) must provide the Minister of Health and Social Services with a list of suitable candidates for the position. The final choice of the new Commissioner is then confirmed by Cabinet.

The announcement of the next HWC, who will serve a five-year term (renewable once), will come in June.

Philippe Couillard’s government effectively abolished the Health and Welfare Commission in 2016, when it cut off funding to the office. It then dismantled the team and transferred part of its mandate to the INESSS. In May 2018, a few months before the election, Gaétan Barrette announced the resurrection of the HWC, which has since remained an empty shell without any staff or funding.


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