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Introduction to medical practice management: Understanding and fulfilling your role in the organization

The new training course entitled Introduction to medical practice management, offered by the Québec Medical Association, is intended for public healthcare institutions that want to give their physician executives the tools they need to increase their autonomy and strengthen their influence.

This comprehensive training course covers basic knowledge about the structural, financial, human and legal aspects of physician executives’ working environments. This knowledge is vitally important to physician executives being able to more effectively take on their managerial role and more easily carry out their assigned responsibilities.

The trainers—a management expert and a physician who has worked in management positions—will take the participants through a series of practical exercises, role-playing games, case studies, and theoretical presentations related to their work environments. The training course is tailored to the rules and regulations of each healthcare institution that requests it.

The training is accredited (CPD) and offered only in French.

For more information, visit the Offre de service section in the Physician executives tab of the QMA’s website or email Catherine Hamel at


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