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2019 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership: pre-conference courses

During the two days leading up to the next Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, on April 24 and 25, 2019, physicians will have the opportunity to take part in various leadership training courses.

• Building and Leading Teams – 2 days

Physicians are forced to act as experts – not only because of their training, but also because the structure and culture of the health system force them into that expert role. As a result, physicians can struggle when asked to practice systems thinking and engage in the transformation of the health and disease care system.

• Leading with Emotional Intelligence – 2 days

Emotional intelligence (EI) is considered a critical healthcare leadership competency, where it been demonstrated to impact effectiveness in all clinical settings—from the boardroom and chairperson’s office to the ward and bedside. EI can be defined as the ability to identify, express and manage both your own emotions and others, in order to motivate, cope with stress, and help make good decisions. EI has been shown to impact the quality of care, communication, stress / burnout. This course is targeted for all physicians, regardless where they are along their career trajectory since emotional skills are always relevant. The course will utilize an indepth assessment that will highlight emotional strengths and derailers.

• Personal Leadership: Identifying your Core Values & Vision – 2 days

To lead others, you must first know yourself. Personal leadership and self-awareness is having a strong sense of self, and knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. This core course promotes greater self-awareness as you learn to examine your values and principles, thinking patterns, assumptions and leadership vision.

• CSPL Leading Coalitions: Navigating Cultural and Professional Silos – 1 day, 25 April

The increasing complexity of the health care system requires the formation of successful coalitions between stakeholders with different values and interests. Coalitions are strategic relations between organizations, societies/associations, community agencies, and other independent bodies for the purpose of working together to achieve a common goal. This course helps stakeholders in the health care system, especially physicians, understand various types of coalitions, experience the challenges and opportunities of cultural diversity, and learn the skills and theory needed to lead coalitions toward achieving results. Using experiential and interactive exercises, virtual yet realistic coalitions will be created, as well as situations that trigger visceral reactions to the experience of cultural differences and misunderstanding within coalitions.

• SAEGIS New — Just Culture – 1 day, 25 April

Learn how to create and manage a “just culture.” A just culture establishes a consistent organizational mindset that positively impacts the work environment and work outcomes. It allows an organization, fairly and consistently, to manage mistakes and errors in a way that does not automatically punish and to analyze system design and human behaviours to understand what happened and why. This allows for true learning and system improvement. Central to its application is the Just Culture AlgorithmTM, an effective tool to provide a just and consistent analysis of human behavioural choices and how they should be managed.

The 2019 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership will take place on April 26 and 27, 2019, at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal. The theme of this year’s conference is “Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement: The Leadership Challenge.”


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