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The effects of suspending Bill 130

On May 9, the Centre de recherche en gestion des services de santé CHU de Québec-Université Laval (CRGSS), in collaboration with Université Laval’s Institut d’éthique appliquée (IDÉA), organized an interesting symposium on the various facets of Bill 130 and their anticipated effects on the healthcare institutions. Legal experts, health network managers, physicians and professors came together to discuss the matter further.

Dr. Hugo Viens, QMA president, was invited to sit on a panel on professional status and the physician’s role within the healthcare institution. Dr. Viens reminded attendees of the fact that, during the parliamentary consultations on Bill 130, the QMA had insisted that most of the measures outlined in the bill were unnecessary, since the legislation in place at the time already addressed most of the issues raised by the minister. It’s mainly the application of the law that was causing problems for medical managers, hence the need to provide them with greater support.

The symposium participants fully supported this position by the QMA. The suspension of Bill 130 has made the situation in the healthcare institutions even more complicated. Note that Bill 130 was adopted on October 25, 2017, by the National Assembly, but that during the recent agreement reached with the FMSQ in February 2018, the provisions of Bill 130 dealing with physicians’ obligations were suspended. And since medical managers can also no longer apply the previous legislation, they have even fewer powers than they had before.  

Regardless of which political party emerges victorious from the fall elections, the outcome will change the political landscape in Québec, and the medical profession will be directly in the next government’s sights in terms of its plans to apply Bills 130 and 20.  

This means that the medical profession will have no choice but to demonstrate leadership and professionalism in laying the groundwork for cooperation in practice settings where adjustments will be needed.

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