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Joint Ontario-Québec committee to monitor cross-border care

At the request of some of their members, the Ontario Medical Association and the Québec Medical Association have begun talks on the need to coordinate cross-border care between the two provinces, particularly in the Ottawa region.

Both provincial associations have expressed an interest in forming a joint committee to address this issue and to identify solutions for coordinating patient care. Currently, there are no mechanisms in place to collect data on patients who are treated in the other province or to obtain information about the specialists practising across the border. The tools created in Québec, such as the QHR and the Centre de répartition des demandes de services [service request dispatch centre] (CRDS) are not accessible in Ontario. And Québec physicians do not have access to the ConnectingOntario Northern and Eastern Region program, which is used by their colleagues in Ontario.

And yet, a physician who treats a patient from the other province is nevertheless professionally liable for their actions, placing both the patient and the physician at risk. As such, the joint committee will be tasked with developing simple communication mechanisms between the CISSS de l’Outaouais and the Ontario LHIN (Local Health Integration Network).

If you are affected by or have ever encountered this type of situation, or if you’d like to participate in this joint committee, feel free to contact QMA.

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