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Decrease in CMA-QMA membership fees

Several members recently expressed concern or surprise at the CMA’s decision to sell MD Financial Management to Scotiabank. However, one of the direct consequences of this transaction is a decrease in QMA membership fees.

QMA members who join in June or a subsequent month will pay the new rates when they renew their memberships.


  • Full member: Any member not covered by another category.  $510
  • First year of practice: Year following the end of residency.  $190
  • Part-time practice: Member who practices/invoices fewer than 20 hours per week.  $363
  • Post-graduate: Non-practising member engaged in a research or teaching fellowship.  $291
  • Retired/honorary retired member: Retired member not receiving professional income.  $138
  • Resident: Member registered in a residency program.  $91
  • Student: Member registered in a medical school in Québec.  Free
  • Maternity: Members on maternity leave are asked to contact us.  Reduction

For more information, contact the Québec Medical Association’s Membership Services by website,or by telephone at 514-866-0660 or toll-free at 1-800-363-3932.

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