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A professional co-development group for physician executives

Physician executives face challenges on a daily basis but do not necessarily have all the skills and tools required to deal with them. Participating in the professional co-development group proposed by the Québec Medical Association is a way to expand your skills and to learn how to solve the complex problems that physician executives face.

This group brings together a maximum of eight physician executives who are guided by an experienced instructor so they can share their experiences and their resources, and learn about strategies and techniques that can be applied rapidly in their environment.

Participants take turns being “clients” or “consultants”. The “clients” must explain a management problem that they are having and state their needs regarding the types of advice they would like to receive. The “consultants” are then given a clear mandate that they must fulfill during the meeting. Each exercise is then studied by the group.

The first meeting will be in Montréal on September 13, 2018, with all the physician executives who have registered. The next six sessions and the exit meeting will take place on line. Each meeting lasts three hours and the training offers 19.6 hours of section 3 credits (CPD).

For all the information about the professional co-development group and the registration details, visit the Physician Executives section on our Web site.


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