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2018 Québec election

In the lead-up to the election, the QMA is keeping a close eye on the promises made by the political parties in the area of health and social services. Here is the overview of the first two platforms made public.

Overview of Health commitments by the Parti Québécois

Well before the electoral campaign got underway, the Parti Québécois (PQ) unveiled all of its commitments for all activity sectors combined. In terms of health, its platform contains measures that would create “a strong State” in service of patients, seniors, and our province’s most vulnerable citizens.

The PQ clearly states that it “will remove the focus from doctors and restore balance in favour of the patient and access to care” should it be elected on October 1. Several of the party’s proposed measures aim to expand the responsibilities and autonomy of professionals other than doctors, in particular, nurses and specialized nurse practitioners. However, certain commitments specifically target working conditions and doctors’ practices, namely:

  • putting an end to doctors bouncing back and forth between the private and public systems;
  • pay freezes for doctors. With a strong mandate from voters, reopen the agreement with specialists;
  • put an end to incorporation for doctors;
  • better inform patients and consult professionals to reduce the incidence of overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

In terms of the structure of care, the Parti Québécois plans to promote alternative models, such as cooperatives. In fact, the PQ believes that clinics without doctors, where specialized nurse practitioners work independently, such as the SABSA care cooperative, should be a model that is introduced province-wide. Along the same lines, under a Parti Québécois government, professionals other than doctors would be allowed to refer patients to specialists, under certain conditions.

Finally, a dozen other commitments attest to the party’s strong desire to bolster and improve home care services.

For more information about the Parti Québécois’s health platform, visit


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