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Practising wisely in the land of inukshuks 

Laberge Theriault pratiqueeclairee2Proof that the Practising Wisely program is available everywhere in Québec, Dr. Caroline Laberge and Dr. Guylène Thériault went to Kuujjuaq last April 7 and 8 to present the program to physicians in the region who came to the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre. The program Practising Wisely: Reducing Unnecessary Testing and Treatment is a collaboration between the Québec College of Family Physicians (CQMF) and the QMA, and covers several topics, such as overprescription, overdiagnosis, overtreatment and excessive medical imaging.

Dr. Thériault was particularly pleased to go to Kuujjuaq because she had enjoyed a very enriching experience there with the Katimavik organization during her first year of medical school. She had been the co-facilitator for a group of youth who had quit high school before graduating. “It was much more than a cultural experience,” explained Dr. Thériault. “One of the goals of my stay was to help them recognize their different abilities by trying out a number of trades or activities. We demolished buildings, set up the sound and lighting for the band Kashtin... and we built an inukshuk.” This inukshuk still stands at the village entrance 28 years later.

The Practising Wisely program team is very pleased with the medical community’s interest in learning more about overdiagnosis and wanting to change their practice.

If, like your colleagues in Kuujjuaq, you would like to invite the team for a visit, feel free to organize a session in your work place by contacting Marie-Josée Campbell at 450 973-2228 or

Laberge Theriault pratiqueeclairee


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