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It gives me great pleasure today to talk about the new format of your QMA Info. Your newsletter has been given a makeover and will be sent to you every month.

I will continue to discuss the latest hot topics in A Word from the President.

New columns have been added:

  • The QMA in Action will present your association’s position statements and issues.
  • On Parliament Hill will talk about legislation and government decisions that influence our medical practice.
  • Our Members in Action is about you. Every month, we will showcase a member whose work, leadership or remarks are likely to interest you. Would you like to share your experiences? Would you like to present a member physician? The Communications Service is eager to hear from you.

I am very proud of this column because it will give us a chance to get to know one other better. I am always delighted to talk with you. You can write me any time at Remember to join our social media communities as well.

And now, it is time to discover your new QMA Info.

Until next time!

Dr. Hugo Viens, B.Sc., M.D., FRCSC 
President of the Québec Medical Association