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The QMA recognizes 50 years of practice

Once again, this year 12 member physicians of the Québec Medical Association were recognized for their 50 years of practice. Every year, the QMA recognizes the successful continuing careers of physicians who are still active in treating their patients. Over the next few days, each one of them will receive a plaque highlighting their contribution to the community. 

The physicians being recognized are:

  • Dr. Robert Prescott
  • Dr. Lily Trokenberg-Hechtman
  • Dr. Robert Dubé
  • Dr. Rénald Giroux
  • Dr. Richard Guimond
  • Dr. Micheline Ste-Marie
  • Dr. Alain G. Verdant
  • Dr. Maurice Somma
  • Dr. Jacques Beaudry
  • Dr. Réal Dallaire
  • Dr. Jacques Thivierge
  • Dr. Pierre L. Turgeon

Congratulations to all and thank you for your commitment!

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