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Inspiring a future of better health

evenement Winnipeg2On August 20 and 21, 2018, the Canadian Medical Association will host its inaugural Health Summit in Winnipeg. This event complements the usual General Council, also known as the “parliament of physicians”. The General Council will be held on August 22, along with the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Health Summit will focus on how innovation and technology can transform health care. Whether they are physicians, scientists, government representatives, care providers, patients, innovators or artists, participants will be invited to talk to acclaimed speakers, including former astronaut Chris Hadfield, and patient partner specialist Judith John, to help answer this question:

How do we prepare ourselves, leverage technological advancements, and take advantage of innovation to deliver better and more accessible care?

Several themes will be explored at the summit:

  • Innovation as a support for providing culturally inclusive and accessible care;
  • Technology for enabling and promoting patient-centred care, and for better serving vulnerable populations;
  • The role of patients and physicians in the gradual adoption of artificial intelligence, robotics and major changes;
  • Humanity, inclusion and reactivity for ensuring a future of better health.

Particularly important this year, the AGM will offer an opportunity to discuss the changes that the CMA wants to make to its governance structure, namely abolishing the General Council.

CMA members will also be able to comment on the new Code of Ethics and Professionalism, the updated version of the CMA’s Code of Ethics, created 150 years ago.


To register and for more information about the Summit, click here.


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