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Upcoming courses offered by the QMA

Medical leadership training – PLIlogo leadershipmedical

  • Mobiliser les autres (engaging others) – MONTRÉAL – May 23 to 25, 2018 (in French only)


How to succeed in an environment that encompasses different functions and cultures? This course aims to improve your ability to influence and engage others in order to gain their cooperation and commitment to reach a given organizational vision in the health care setting.
CPD credits: 17.25


  • Négociation et gestion des conflits (negotiation and conflict management) – SAGUENAY – June 6 to 8, 2018 (in French only)

This course will enable you to develop strategies to manage conflict within an organization, avoid the difficulties that conflicts can create, and learn how effective management of conflict can enhance creativity and innovation. Through a negotiation exercise, you will develop a planned approach and practise successful techniques to achieve results in interpersonal relations.
CPD credits: 21


  • Orchestrer le changement et l'innovation (leading change and innovation) – SAGUENAY – September 19 and 20, 2018 (in French only)

How to align people and organizations to build a shared vision and commitment to act is the central theme of this course. Using change management theories, you will learn to develop strategies to motivate, implement and sustain change, while also overcoming opposition to change. Through the presentation and discussion of issues and concrete exercises, you will cover different topics that include creating a resilient work environment and dealing with the impact of change.
CPD credits: 14

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