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The 2018 Visibility Grant goes to Jeunes en action

Dr. Hugo Viens, president of the QMA, and Alexandre Elhalwi, president of the Student Committee, were pleased to present, last april 20, the 2018 Visibility Grant to Sarah Brunelle, student, and Julie Côté-Leclerc, resident, for their Jeunes en action project.

This grant comes from the special projects fund of the QMA’s Student Committee, set up in 2016, whose mission is to support student initiatives intended to improve the health care system or the well-being of the community. By awarding a grant to this project, the Committee recognizes its exemplary functioning, scope and development potential.

Jeunes en action is a social participation project for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds that aims to educate and raise the awareness of youngsters aged 5 to 12 about different health related aspects, interest them in the health fields and motivate them to continue their studies. These goals will be reached by teaching them healthy lifestyle choices and showing them the diversity of health care programs. Five activities covering physical activity, mental health, dental health, healthy nutrition and the different health care professionals (a fair with kiosks) are organized during the school year in a primary school in a disadvantaged area in the Mauricie region. The success of Jeunes en action is based on interdisciplinarity and health promotion. 

Congratulations to the two recipients!


Bourse etudiante

From left to right: Dr. Hugo Viens, Ms. Sarah Brunelle,
Mr. Alexandre Elhalwi. Ms. Julie Côté-Leclerc was
absent at the award ceremony.