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The Collective: QMA continues its meetings with party leaders

The Quebec Medical Association (QMA) and its partners in the Collective, the Alliance des patients pour la santé (APS), the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), and the Association des cadres supérieurs de la santé et des services sociaux (ACSSSS), met with the leaders of the Parti québécois and Québec solidaire over the summer to present their priority actions for improving the healthcare system. Previously, the Collective had also met with the opposition parties’ health critics, the Minister of Health and Social Services, as well as several organizations and former health ministers and deputy health ministers.

These meetings revealed that several points of the parties’ platforms touch on the priority actions of the Collective (see 2018 elections: priority actions in health), although some of the solutions they are advocating do not correspond, or are even opposed to, the recommended directions and actions.

The Collective believes that the healthcare system is in profound crisis and urgently needs fixing.

Among its priority actions, it is proposing a restructuring of first-line services, and the importance of focusing as much effort, energy and resources on prevention as on care and services themselves. 

There is also a need to rethink the ways that physicians are compensated, in order to promote teamwork and collaboration with other professionals, as well as to reconsider healthcare funding mechanisms.

And the next governance-related steps will need to bridge the divide that exists between decision‑makers and the practice setting, the public, patients and users.

Finally, we need to focus on the next generation and on improving work planning, and work and practice conditions, in order to eliminate the sense of precariousness that pervades the profession, prevent physicians from becoming overworked, and foster a healthy work environment.