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Register for the next solutions lab for FMG/institution co-management

Do you manage an FMG or institution and are interested in co-management? Have you heard about the solutions lab for FMG/institution co-management proposed by the Québec Medical Association?

This is a training approach that focuses on interactions between participants to improve professional practice. During a one-day workshop bringing together physician executives and clinical administrative managers, participants each share a situation they have experienced that is then studied by the group. By the end, participants will be able to expand their capacity for action and reflection, be more efficient in their professional practice related to their management functions and also be able to apply a collaborative approach to resolving complex problems experienced in their professional practice.


This accredited training will be led by Marie Côté and André Fortin. Ms. Côté is an expert in organizational development, transformation, coaching and co-development at La Gestion Réinventée, a firm she created in 2016 after publishing her book La Gestion réinventée : l’avenir est entre vos mains! Mr. Fortin has been advising businesses for 25 years. He is interested in innovation processes, collaborative approaches, and promotes a participatory, rigorous vision  that builds on the collective intelligence of groups and the diversity of individuals.

The next training session (in French only) will take place in Montréal on October 26, 2018, and will be followed by an exit meeting on December 7 or 14, at the participants’ preference.

You can register by visiting the services offered for Physician Executives on the Web site.